Customer Satisfaction Survey

We conducted Customer Satisfaction Survey to those who registered in the My Page in Logosease Web site in
June 2014 and May 2015. The below shows the total result.

Customer Satisfaction Survey


Here are voices from them.

Sharing excitement

  • Can convey the discovery underwater.

(Osaka, 30's male, 50-100 dives)

  • Was told there was a creature which I had not noticed.

(Osaka, 20's male, less than 20 dives)

  • Was able to tell my buddy away from me when I found a creature.

(Kyoto, 50's female, 200-500 dives)

  • Had a good time in speaking in diving.

(Kyoto, 20's female, 50-100 dives)

  • Could tell my buddy when I found exotic fish.

(Osaka, 40's male 50-100 dives)

  • I could go to see the fish by being called by my buddy when I was searching it.

(Chiba, 40's female, 100-200 dives)

  • I would not have started diving without Logosease.

(Osaka, 40's male, less than 20 dives)

  • Enjoyed telling each other the fish we found underwater in diving with my wife. Different from writing on a slate, talking via communication devices is quite convenient.

(Mie, 50's male, 50-100 dives)

  • It is an innovative product developing new diving style.

(Osaka, 30's male, 50-100 dives)

  • I can speak underwater. It is so amazing!

(Osaka, 20's male, less than 20 dives)

  • It is very useful for underwater communication.

(Osaka, 40's male, 50-100 dives)

  • Even though what is said is not always clear enough to understand, it is enough to get attention. I shout "Turtle!" or "Tuna fish!" all the time.

(Fukuoka, 50's male, 100-200 dives)

  • It is a convenient gear mechanically. Anyone can converse underwater without wearing special mask.

(Saitama, 60's male, 500-1000 dives)

Close call

  • I can speak to my wife when she is too engrossed in taking photos.

(Shizuoka, 60's male, 100-200 dives)

  • Since I am visually impaired, I feel relieved in diving by talking underwater.

(Osaka 40's male, less than 20 dives)

  • I had felt strong stress to my buddy when he did not notice things. Now my stress is little reduced.

(Chiba, 50's male, 100-200 dives)

  • Can give my group instruction without mingling other group.

(Okayama 50's male. 500-1000 dives)

  • When my wife tried to follow the other group, I called her to come back.

(Kyoto, 50's male, 100-200 dives)

  • No need to write on a slate when I had something to ask to our staff.

(Aichi, 30's male, more than 1000 dives)

  • Able to communicate in the visibility of 1m or less.

(Aichi, 50's male, 500-1000 dives)

  • Able to realize my buddy is near me.

(Kanagawa, 40's male, 50-100 dives)

  • Able to communicate without writing on a slate.

(Nagasaki, 50's male, more than 1000 dives)

  • Reduced my wife's anxiety.

(Okinawa, 30's male, 50-100 dives)

  • It helped a lot when my buddy ascended rapidly.

(Tokyo, 50's male, 50-100 dives)

  • Able to follow my buddy in poor visibility.

(Fukuoka, 50's male, 100-200 dives)

  • Useful to tell my buddy that his weight belt was almost coming off or the exotic fish I found.

(Chiba, 50's female, 200-500 dives)

  • Able to tell what trouble I am having.

(Kyoto, 20's female, less than 20 dives)

  • When I was so concentrating in taking photos and almost DECO alarm was to be released from dive computer, my buddy warmed me by voice.

(Mie, 30's male, 500-1000 dives)

  • Alarms on dive computers are too soft to get noticed, but Logosease can tell me to my ear so that I get notices right away.

(Mie, 30's male, 500-1000 dives)

  • Now I don’t get upset even if my buddy and I have some worries if it is slight one.

(Chiba, 50's male, 200-500 dives)

  • Can reduce worry by communicating when moving in a line in narrow area as in a cave.

(Chiba 50's male, 200-500 dives)

  • Increased feeling of relief in diving. Portability and sizes of cradle and Logosease need to be little improved.

(Chiba 50's male, 100-500 dives)

  • I could communicate in longer range than I had thought. Just hearing voices gives me relief.

(Okinawa, 30's male, 50-100 dives)

  • I became panicky underwater before so I bought it for safety. It is useful when I found creatures underwater or was almost getting lost or have problems, I can not dive without it!

(Fukuoka, 50's male, 100-200 dives)

  • I usually dive with my buddy alone without instructors. So if we have trouble, we need to solve it in limited time. Logosease is very useful for easy communication, especially to avoid troubles and to call my buddy when I found the fish we were looking for.

(Chiba, 40's female, 100-200 dives)

  • I was impressed using it since I had not think I could talk underwater. Just thinking I could talk reduces my worry. I am happy I bought it.

(Osaka, 20's female, 20-50 dives)


  • When searching a target for photo, my buddy told me where it was. Very useful in searching the target.

(Chiba, 40's male, 500-1000 dives)

  • Underwater communication with my buddy has become easier.

(Gifu, 60's male, 200-500 dives)

  • Can give specific advices on photo taking as for exposure or composition.

(Saitama, 50's male, more than 1000 dives)

  • Can tell my buddy when I need light.

(Okinawa, 50's male, 500-1000 divers)

  • Can give my buddy precise instructions on camera or flash in taking photos.

(Saitama, 60's male, 200-500 dives)

  • Very interesting gear. My wife is good at searching targets but not good at taking photos, and I am quite opposite. Logosease helps us a lot.

(Gifu, 60's male, 200-500 dives)

  • Useful in asking my buddy to give light from far in night diving.

(Saitama, 60's male, 200-500 dives)