The 1st Topic
“Can we speak under water with a regulator in our mouths?”

We would like to introduce the features of “Logosease.” Topic of Logosease will be given in several times.

This is the 1st one.This time, we will explain “Can we speak under water with a regulator in our months?” Hope you will enjoy it.

Under water, our mouths are occupied with a regulator. In this situation, can we speak to someone correctly? The answer is that we need some practices and some tips in order to speak correctly.

Our mouths have three major functions; breathing, eating, and speaking. Under water, the top priority is breathing, because it is crucial to life. Eating and speaking under water are not considered at all.

Have you ever spoken under water? Say any word you like once. At first you might not understand what you said. That is natural because this is your FIRST TIME to speak under water.
You are surrounded by sea water. What will happen if there is any space between a regulator and your lips? Moreover, you cannot close your lips with a regulator. It is also hard to move your tongue. It would be a miracle if you can speak well from the beginning.

But do not worry.

You will learn how to speak well through several trials. Why can you improve speaking skill only by keeping speaking? The reason is human’s built-in learning function.
You can hear your voice even under water because your voice reaches your inner ear via your bone. By hearing your strange voice under water, you will adjust movement of tongue and lips gradually. As a result, you can improve speaking skill. As for pronunciations in foreign languages, keeping practice by hearing your own voices improves your speaking skill. They are same logics.

Logosease processes underwater voice digitally to make them into proper volume and quality. However, if original sound is not clear, adjusting on Logosease does not work effectively. Suppose if you magnify a picture with low resolution, the picture does not look clear. You can improve your original voices by little bit of training. By this way, you can master how to use Logosease.

It is necessary for you to keep speaking under water for a while in order to speak correctly.

We cannot tell you exactly how many practices you need because we have individual differences. But we think you will be able to communicate if you speak short specified phrases such as “How much air left?” or “Are you OK?” within one shot diving.