The 10th topic
Where should a microphone of Logosease be set?

A microphone of Logosease is bone conduction type.
It took us a lot of effort to decide the right setting position of the microphone. We had basic idea of course as somewhere higher than neck, and no mask or regulator would be interfered. Back of the head was OK as setting position but hair would disturb communication. We could not possibly ask our customers to be skin-head to use Logosease.
We had not much spaces to choose. In that limited spaces, where would be the best position for the microphone to be set for recording best voice quality? See the photo. This was what we did for experimentation.
We made 2cm x 2cm grid and marked dots with a magic marker on our members faces. There were 20 dots altogether. We set a bone conduction microphone at each dot, then read specified sentences 3 times UNDERWATER of course to record them.

There were 3 factors we use for judgment of right setting position of the microphone.
1st one: Sound volume should be high. It is needless to say that higher voice volume is better. 2nd one: Words should be heard clearly. Depending on the positions, you would not understand what is said even though sound volume is high.
For example, throat microphone setting at the throat has this tendency. The position is near the vibrating voice cord so the sound volume is high but you don't understand what is said. 3rd one: The position where you don't feel pain by setting.
The essential conditions of where the microphone to set are; the sound volume is high, words are clearly heard, and no pain in setting.

Our members spent some days with dots on their faces. These dots were very important. If they were deleted, it would be impossible to get reproducible data.
It was embarrassed to walk around in the office with dots on the faces but for the development, they could not refuse it.
After several trails, we have decided the right setting position of the microphone. If setting even 2cm offset, it will give you pain, or volume is too small to hear or words are not clear to understand.
The right position is pinpoint.

When setting Logosease and if you feel pain or your buddy's voice is too small to hear or you can hear the voice but don't understand what is said, please check the setting position of the microphone.
Only by setting it at the right position, words would sound very clear

Microphone set