The 9th topic
Ruler of Voice

Have you heard of "Ruler of Voice"? Children learn this in their early days in elementary school in Japan. This teaches students proper voice levels of speaking.
When I saw this first time in the class visitation day, I was so impressed that I took a picture.
What level of voice do you think you need when speaking with Logosease?
Because bone conduction collects sound, if vibration is too little, it would not be understood by your buddy. As mentioned before, microphone setting position is very important.
Speaking voice level is as important as this. Try to speak louder than the one you speak to your next person, but as speaking in a group. In this way, vibration will be reached to a microphone via bones. Logosease was used in TV programs 12 times last year. Many people including singers, TV personalities, comedians used Logosease, and all of them were good at speaking from the beginning. We guess it's because they do proper voice training. Straighten yourself and try to speak from your belly. Then vibration will be reached to bones well. We believe you can use Logosease better once you understand the feature of bone vibrations.

ruler of voice